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It''s important to remember that one unsuccessful year of breeding with frozen semen can forever ruin a stallion''s reputation in any given country. We recommend you do everything possible to insure success the first year as you are likely not to get a second chance.


From time to time I have older ''dogs'' to forever homes. Frozen and Chilled semen available from all Wynstream BRED boys. Contact me as the breeder. Frosen semen available from imp.lines. _____ Wynstream Litters planned for 2021

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Jens Richter [email protected] Phone: (877) 588-6848 or (925) 330-0721 Fax: (844 ) 330-0721

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There is no expiration date on frozen semen. As long as the semen is properly maintained at the correct temperature in a liquid nitrogen storage tank, the working life of …

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Frozen Semen.. ozen Horses.. eeze Your … Frozen semen. Freeze your stallion forever. Advantages of frozen semen. In 1989 we began breeding horses and have become an all breed breeding service, including ...

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Frozen semen only. Price is per insemination dose. We recommend 2 doses per breeding planned at a minimum. The only pinto Marchador stallion available in North America at the moment. Frozen semen lasts forever. Order anytime and have it on-hand

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Ethan is Leila''s brother. He was to go to his forever home as a pet puppy but they cancelled and he stayed. Lucky us! ... Limited frozen semen available. PEDIGREE CH pointed Nordic Mist''s Gone Fishin'' "Fisher" @ 3 years OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal ...

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With Forever Love, his sire Fair Game (by Fürst Wilhelm) made his successful debut as a stallion sire. Fair Game completed his stallion performance tests in Neustadt/Dosse with 8.3 (for his 14-day-test) and 8.06 (for this 50-day-test).

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As radiant Reserve Champion of the 15th NRW main licensing 2005, here presents a charming stallion in modern guise. In noble dark brown jacket, the Westphalian not only in the three gaits convince but shines equally in the jumping ability. With Rock Forever is our breeders a modern stallion of …

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Frozen semen can be stored in liquid N2 for a very long time. Precautionary measures for greater success with semen collection A ram must be in good health, condition and adapted to pellets A ram must be used to handling 4-6 weeks rest after the mating ...

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Frozen semen will last forever, i.e. it will not deteriorate in quality over time, provided that the storage tanks are not allowed to ''go dry''. As per the MAF requirements, semen is stored according to its country of origin, enabling semen to be re-exported if required.

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A: Unlike fresh semen, which can live in the reproductive tract of a bitch for 5-7 days, frozen semen will only live 12-20 hours once thawed. It must preserve all it''s energy to penetrate and fertilize the eggs, so the best conception rates (90% in our practice) are achieved with surgical insemination, where the semen is injected directly into the uterine horn.

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For a frozen semen breeding you want to have a minimum of 100 million motile sperm per insemination. Each straw holds 50 million sperm but not all of them will survive the freezing process, hence the evaluation of "post thaw motility". The higher the percent post thaw motility the fewer straws are required.

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Frozen semen will only be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Semen can be shipped out Monday through Thursday. Friday shipments will only be possible if you live in an area where FedEx offers Saturday delivery service. Please call Christine at 352-266 ...

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 · I think frozen semen will probably last forever and still be relatively healthy as long as it''s preserved correctly and not moved from tank to tank in between. I know that''s the case with horses. Horse breeders freeze sperm all the time and people have used them after thirty years or more.

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His daughter Forever Love became Vice Champion, the mares Friedegund and Fleur took seventh and ninth place. In the championship for four-year old stallions Ferdinand collected the ribbon for the fifth place and in the group of three-year old stallions the Floriscount descendant Fidelio B placed himself in the final competition.


frozen semen can forever ruin the stallion''s reputation in any given country. Do everything possible to insure success in the first year because you will likely not get a second chance. B. Fee per ''breeding'' - no guarantees: In this scenario, the stallion exchange for ...

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FROZEN SEMEN ONLY! PRICE IS PER INSEMINATION DOSE. We recommend purchase of multiple insemination doses per breeding planned for the best result. Frozen semen lasts forever - order anytime to have on hand when you need it.

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For long term storage of canine semen we can freeze a sample in -196 degree Celsius liquid nitrogen. Amazingly, frozen semen can be stored in this way forever without a decrease in quality! The process of semen freezing requires specialised knowledge and


frozen semen can forever ruin the stallion''s reputation in any given country. Do everything possible to insure success in the first year because you will likely not get a second chance. B. Fee per ''breeding'' - no guarantees: In this scenario, the stallion

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The fertility of fresh, cooled or frozen semen is highly stallion dependent. However, if a stallion has commercially acceptable frozen semen one can expect 50 – …

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Frozen semen is stored on site in the UK for more than 250 stallions and can be sent on a same-day service if required. We track the semen shipments and chase the couriers; we have fast response agreements with two leading courier firms and same-day drivers put into effect to correct any problems.

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In these situations, stallion owners may decide to limit the number of frozen semen doses allowed per breeding contract in order to maximize the use of the frozen semen. The limited number of doses provided to the mare owner may also put pressure on the veterinarian to breed the mare closer to ovulation and could keep them from the luxury of using the recommended timed insemination protocol.

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Frozen Semen lasts forever so you can order ahead and be ready to breed at any time - when your mare is. Summerwind Marchadors and Future Foal Breeders Have FUN on a Marchador! Never heard of the breed? Visit us or our website! We are a big Offering ...

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Description. Champion Stallion and top price of the Westphalian licensing 2020. A stallion that could not have been built and painted more beautifully. This top athlete for the future has very good foundations. With a lot of nobility and charm and very chic. In movement, he presents himself in a superior manner.

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Frozen semen lasts forever. Order anytime. $1000 is per insemination dose. For best results, we recommend buying a minimum of 2 insemination doses per breeding planned. Summerwind Marchadors and Future Foal Breeders Have FUN on a We are a big ...